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Premier Double Hung Window Services in New Orleans

Winter is coming, and so is the much-needed Double Hung Window Services in New Orleans. Big Easy Contractors are here to make sure you stay warm and cozy with our Double Hung Window installation services.

It will keep your home energy efficient while maintaining its beauty. We use top-quality materials that provide excellent insulation. Plus, they look great! It comes in a variety of styles and colors so that you can customize them to match your home’s décor perfectly.

Big Easy Contractors understand that contractors need to be reliable and trustworthy when entering someone’s home. That’s why we have many years of experience in Double Hung Window installation services in our city and surrounding areas. You can count on us to provide top-quality Double Hung Window services with a friendly and professional attitude.

Types Of Windows 

There are several types of windows available on the market including single-hung, double-hung, casement, bay/bow/box, sliding, picture/awning, and specialty. Regular single-hung windows feature one sash that is stationary while the other sash slides vertically up and down in order to open or close.Double Hung Window Fixed Top Sash Bottom Sash Slides Sash

On the other hand, double-hung windows feature two sashes that can both be opened or closed independently. This allows for more flexibility when it comes to ventilation and light exposure.  

What is Double Hung Window?

A double-hung window is made up of two sashes that slide vertically up and down. Both the top and bottom sashes can be opened, allowing for maximum ventilation when needed. This type of window also features tilt-in capabilities, which allow for easy cleaning from the inside. Most double-hung windows come with either vinyl or wood frames, but there are other options available such as aluminum, fiberglass, or composite materials. 

Benefits of Double-Hung Windows 

Double-hung windows offer several benefits to homeowners: 

  • Energy Efficiency – The dual panes on these windows create an airtight seal that keeps cold air out during the winter and hot air out during the summer, helping reduce energy bills year-round. Furthermore, many models come with Low-E coatings that help reflect heat back into your home in the winter months while blocking it out in the summertime.  
  • Noise Reduction – Double-hung windows are designed to provide soundproofing thanks to thick frames and insulated glass panels. This makes them ideal for homes located on busy streets or near noisy neighbors.  
  • Security – Many double-hung windows come with extra security features such as laminated glass or integrated locking systems that make it difficult for intruders to break in through your windows. Additionally, some models even feature impact-resistant glass that can withstand strong winds or debris flying at high speeds without breaking or cracking.

Advantages Over Other Standard Windows 

One advantage of double-hung windows over other standard window types is their versatility. Since both sashes move independently, you can open either one or both at the same time to adjust ventilation levels as necessary.

This means you can open one side slightly while keeping another side fully closed if desired, whereas, with other standard windows, you would need to open them fully or not at all. Additionally, since both sides tilt inward for cleaning purposes, this makes it much easier and faster to clean than say casement or single-hung windows where access may be limited depending on how the window opens outwardly or inwardly respectively. 

 Another major benefit of double-hung windows is their low-profile design and overall aesthetic appeal. Many homeowners prefer this look as it adds a classic charm without compromising performance or energy efficiency.

As an added bonus, these types of windows come in a variety of shapes and sizes which gives homeowners more flexibility when choosing a style that fits their home’s overall design scheme perfectly!  

Why Choose Big Easy Contractors?

Big Easy Contractors are the premier Double Hung Window Services provider in New Orleans. Our team of experienced contractors is dedicated to providing excellent craftsmanship and customer service at an affordable price. We use only the highest quality materials and products to ensure your windows look great for years to come.

We also offer a wide range of customization options, so you’re sure to find something that fits your exact needs and budget. Plus, we provide on-site consultations and services, making it easy for you to get exactly what you want without having to leave home!

Ready to Get Started?  

Double-hung windows are an excellent choice for any homeowner looking to upgrade their home’s style, comfort, and security without breaking the bank. Not only do they offer superior energy efficiency and noise reduction qualities but they also come with great security features too!

With so many different styles available, it’s never been easier to find a double-hung window that perfectly suits your needs! Consider investing in one today to experience all these benefits first-hand! Contact us today!

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