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Residential Roofing ServiceThe roof is one of the main structures that support the home. It serves as a foundation and protection from any elements that can affect the quality of the structure. That’s why getting the right roofing material is essential and it should be researched well. Another factor to look into is the roofing contractor you should be dealing with, so choose us in Big Easy Contractors since we can assure you of our service. As a roofing company in New Orleans, we are equipped with the proper equipment and materials as well.

Roofing Types

Shingles Slate Tile

This type of roofing are consist of thin sheets of real stones, the appearance is appealing and the longevity can be reliable. Only skilled installers can make a smooth finish of shingles slate tile, so pick us for your roofing. This type of roofing is not prone to insect infestation and is also fireproof.

Designer Shingles Slate

Designer shingles and slate roofing are more aesthetically attractive since they have different looks. This can make your home more amazing but costly too, however, the cost is worth it since they have dependable durability.

Metal Standing Seam

Among the metal seams, the metal standing seam is the most popularly used. This is a metal roofing that has raised seams and vertical legs that rise above the metal’s flat area. This is installed by clipping it to the roof or fastened under the decking material under the vertical leg.

Tile Metal Standing

The tile metal standing is consist of metal tiles that are tailored to fit perfectly on the roof and create a more complex structure. Each metal tile overlaps the other which makes your roofing more sturdy and protected.

Slate Tile Metal

This type of roofing is made of metals too and has interlocking designs. Slate tile metal is light and will not put a heavy weight on your roof. The design is also aesthetic, which makes it ideal for getting beautiful as well as durable roofing.

Standing Seam Asbestos

Asbestos is silicon-based material that is used in construction and for roofing as well. Some won’t recommend this for roofing materials however some people would still prefer them. Standing seam asbestos is still being used by some construction companies for roofing.

Shingles Metal Standing

Shingles metal standing are metals that are rectangular in shape and are used as bases for roofing projects or they can use as roofing itself. They are lightweight and cheaper than other kinds of roofing materials that’s why they are commonly used. Shingles are popular among roofing materials.

Designer Shingles Metal

Designer shingles metal simply shingles with designs, it has the same quality as other shingle roofs but more aesthetically better looking.

Roof Repair

Roofing repairs should be done when needed to avoid giving more damage to your roofing system as a whole. The roofing system’s quality can be affected when a portion of it encounters issues.

Common roofing repairs

Leaks can make your roofing system more damaged since the water may go into your wall and cause an infestation of molds and other elements.

Gutter maintenance is essential to keep the water flowing in the right direction to avoid ponding on your roof. A gutter that is in good condition is essential for your roofing system.

Poor ventilation

ventilation is essential in a roofing system to give the right flow of air to the system. Poor ventilation can lead to other damages as it can shorten the roofing materials.

Ponding water

Accumulation of water on your roof can cause rusting and deterioration of your roofing material so make sure to check it now and then to insure that the water is not getting stagnant on your roof.

Roofing Replacements

Know when you need a new roof or just simple repairs by looking out for the signs. You can protect your house by knowing the condition of your roof, you can ask your roofing contractors for an inspection or you can be familiar with the signs that you need a roof replacement or new roof.

  • Check on Bumps on your roof or in your ceiling as this can be an indication of water accumulating in your roof.
  • Check on cracks since this can be the start of your roof deteriorating.
  • Check-in falling parts of your roof, this is a sign that your home needs a new roof.
  • The best way to know the issues is to have your home roof inspected by us since this is part of the services we offer.

Choosing the Best Roof Type for Your Home

Pick the right contractor

The right roofing contractor for your home needs can lead you to the right materials since they know better than anyone else, pick a roofing contractor you can trust and is known in your local area in New Orleans, as this can be advantageous on your part. Local roofing contractors can easily be checked for backgrounds and reputation as their name and company is familiar with the residences.

Pick the right material

The structure of each home is different therefore different materials will be ideal for roofing systems too, so once you have chosen a roofing contractor then they can recommend you the best material for your home roofing system. Materials use can play an important role in the longevity and durability of your roofing system, so let your roofing contractors decide.

The Most Trusted Residential Roofing Contractor in New Orleans

We at Big Easy Contractors and our team of expert roofers are one the most trusted roofing company in New Orleans, we have many projects we have accomplished and this serves as our portfolio for our clients. You are free to check on the works we have made so you can have an idea of what your home roofing system would look like.

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