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Landscaping is a great way to add curb appeal, increase property value, or just make your yard look more beautiful. But if you don’t know what you’re doing, it can be a big mistake. That’s why we offer free consultations so that you can get the right advice for your project.

We’ll help you decide which landscape design will work best with your home, budget, and lifestyle. And when you’re ready to start building, our team of experts will take care of every detail from site preparation to installation. So whether you need an outdoor kitchen, pool, deck, patio, walkway, fountain, pond, water feature, lighting, irrigation system, or any other landscaping project, call us today.

Our Landscaping services include:

Landscaping project

• Lawn Care

The lawn needs to be taken care of to maintain its beauty, and we offer our services to keep your loan in a good condition as we have the right materials and equipment to do so.

• Irrigation Systems

Irrigation systems are needed to direct water to the right path, so they can fulfill their purpose. For landscapes, they need a regular water supply to keep the landscape hydrated and stay in a good condition.

• Ponds & Water Features

Getting more features in your landscape can make it more attractive, such as ponds and water features. This can enhance your property and get more praise from your visitors as well as make you more relaxed when you spend time in your yard.

• Outdoor Kitchen Installation

It will be best to have an area in your yard where you can cook outdoor foods such as grilled pork and many more. It can add fun to your spare time as you can do something different without getting out of the comfort of your home.

• Patios

Having a patio can help you have more privacy since you can receive guests in this area instead of asking them to come inside your home. It can also be a better place to talk as you can enjoy the open air and still be secure in your home.

• Walkways

Walkways are one of our experts in Big Easy Contractors. We know the importance of walkways, and we want to work on your walkways to give you an additional aesthetic look for your property.

• Lighting

Lights can enhance all the features of your property, especially at night. Getting the right lighting for each corner can make the place even more refreshing and relaxing. We at Big Easy Contractors have been installing all kinds of lights, and we know what light your property needs.

• Fountains

Fountains can add life to your landscape, so better get one. We can recommend several types of fountains that can suit the size and type of landscape you wish to have. That way they can match well, and you can see the symmetry in your new yard.

• Pool Construction

We also do pool construction. Pools can also be a good feature to have on your property. They are not only for displays, but they can help you get the fitness routine you can do every day as you have your pool to motivate you to swim more often.

• Retaining Walls

Walls can serve as your protection from any elements that can bring you harm or can damage your property. We at Big Easy also cover this kind of service as we want our clients to deal with us in everything they need for their yards.

• Stone Work

Stonework can add beauty to your landscape needs, and you want to handle the stone work too together with your landscape project.

We design a landscaping plan that suits your needs.

Our team is ready to design your perfect landscape. Our professional designers will take care of your project and ensure that you get exactly what you want. You can choose from various options available, and we will provide you with the best option for your budget.

Understand the basics of landscape design principles

Landscaping is not just about planting trees and flowers. Other things should be considered before starting your project. Here are some basic tips for you:

  1. Choose the right plants for your garden.
  2. Make sure that you have enough space for your plants.
  3. Consider the weather conditions of your area.
  4. Get the right tools for your job.
  5. Do not overwater your plants.
  6. Use fertilizer when needed.
  7. Keep your lawn mowed regularly.
  8. Maintain your garden by trimming off dead branches and leaves.
  9. Add mulch around your plants to keep them healthy.
  10. Water your plants once a week.

Get an overview of popular landscape design styles in New Orleans

beautiful landscape design

There are many different ways to create a beautiful landscape in your backyard. The most common ones include using shrubs, grasses, and flowers. However, other designs can be used such as rock gardens, ponds, and waterfalls. These are just some examples of how you can use these ideas to create your own unique st

If you want to learn more about landscaping, then you can visit our website. We have lots of information on landscaping, including the latest trends and techniques.

What to Expect from Big Easy Contractors

You can expect us to deliver quality service and excellent results. We guarantee that we will give you the best possible result for your money. We will always make sure that you are satisfied with the end product. We will meet all deadlines set for us, and we will never leave you hanging.

Get expert advice for your specific landscaping project

Our team has years of experience in providing landscaping services. We know what it takes to complete projects successfully. This means that we will always offer the best solutions for your needs.

We will listen to your concerns and advise you accordingly. We will explain to you why certain decisions were made. Contact us today!

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