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Stained Concrete Services in New Orleans: Enhancing Your Concrete Floors with Aesthetic Appeal

Concrete is one of the most popular materials used in home improvement projects. It is strong, durable, and relatively inexpensive to install. Staining or polishing can add an elegant touch to your floors, ceilings, and walkways while also protecting them from the elements.

Big Easy Contractors are New Orleans’ leading providers of commercial, residential, and industrial stained concrete services. We provide a variety of staining options that will enhance, protect and prolong the life of your concrete surfaces with aesthetic appeal.

Stained Concrete Services

Stained concrete is a unique process that adds color, beauty, and creativity to an existing concrete floor. The process involves the use of specialized products—water-based stains or acid-based stains—to create a one-of-a-kind floor finish that is long-lasting and extremely durable.

Through careful planning and skilled craftsmanship, we are able to customize the stained concrete so it compliments your home’s style and décor. Not only does stained concrete create a stunning look for interior floors, but it is also used in outdoor applications like walkways, patios, driveways, pool decks, and more. With our variety of color selections and patterns, you can easily achieve the look you want with this cost-effective method.

Benefits of Stained Concrete for Home and Business

Stained concrete is becoming increasingly popular due to its aesthetic appeal and countless advantages. Staining is a great way to refresh the look of an existing concrete floor, as well as apply color to new installations. Professional staining has multiple benefits for both residential and commercial applications.

Here are some of the main advantages:

stained concrete floor hallway

  • Durability: When professionally applied, stained concrete will last longer than other traditional flooring materials. This makes it perfect for high-traffic areas such as hallways, pathways, and public spaces in commercial settings.
  • Affordability: Stained concrete can be a more cost-effective solution than traditional flooring options like carpeting, which needs to be replaced relatively often and can require extra materials such as adhesives and padding depending on the service provider you choose.
  • Variety: There’s no need to stick with the same monotonous colors when it comes to sainted concrete floors! You have several options including clear sealers that allow the existing color of your exposed aggregate to show through or intense hues that give your space an entire aesthetic overhaul without breaking the bank. The possibilities are truly unlimited when using high-quality professional staining services.
  • Appearance: Stained concrete has an upscale appearance that provides a rich look not attainable with traditional methods like paint or carpeting. Whether you want an industrial modern feel or want something more classic like marble effects, there’s virtually no limit on how your space can appear.
  • Health Benefits: Most notably improved indoor air quality; when compared against carpets that hold allergens in their fibers, staining creates a healthier environment; this makes it ideal for people who suffer from asthma and allergies. In addition, stains leave behind fewer VOCs which improves air quality even further by reducing harmful pollutants in the air inside buildings where they are used extensively.

How Stained Concrete is Installed and Maintained

Stained concrete is a popular choice for decoration in homes and commercial settings. This type of flooring is ideal for busy spaces as it is both durable and easy to maintain.

It can be installed quickly and easily, so you can enjoy your new floors faster! Installation involves applying an acidic wash that opens up the pores of the concrete, allowing staining agents to penetrate the material more effectively.

Once applied, a water-based sealant is used to help protect against damage caused by traffic and daily wear and tear. Regular sweeping and mopping will keep your stained concrete looking beautiful for years to come.

Different Types of Stains and Finishes

When it comes to stains and finishes, it’s important to know the differences between each type in order to understand which one is right for your concrete projects.

worker staining concrete floor using roller.

There are many types of stains and finishes available, and each has its own unique properties and benefits.

Oil-Based Stains

Oil-based stains are ideal for a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and concrete. They penetrate deep into the pores of the material and provide an even finish that’s resistant to scratches, nicks, and dents.

Water-Based Stains

Water-based stains are much easier to clean up compared to oil-based solutions. As the name implies, water is used as the carrier for this type of stain and a white pigment helps enhance color as needed. The finished product usually has an even look with a matte finish that’s also resistant to damage from wear and tear.

Polyurethane Finishes

Polyurethane is an extremely versatile finish that can be used on furniture, floors, or cabinets. It’s often seen as a topcoat over existing paint or stain because it adds extra protection against moisture damage or chemical spills without changing the look of surfaces significantly. Polyurethane is available in both oil-based (poly) or water-based (acrylic) solutions so you can choose which one works better with your project requirements or desired look.


Varnishes are commonly used as protective topcoats over previously stained or painted surfaces because they add extra levels of durability without altering the look significantly – a similar effect to polyurethane finishes but with less shine depending on chosen type/brand etc. Varnish also excels at protecting surfaces from dirt build-up, humidity changes, and other factors that may cause fading or discoloration over time – rendering them particularly suitable for outdoor use too!

Design Options for Stained Concrete

newly constructed house with stained concrete floor

When it comes to stained concrete, homeowners are often overwhelmed by the sheer number of design options. From changing colors to adding complex patterns, there’s almost no limit to what you can do with it.

Staining concrete is an affordable option for improving the aesthetics of your home and making a statement about your personal style.

Here are the different types of stained concrete that are available:

  • Clear Concrete Stain
  • Acid Stains
  • Dye Staining
  • Water Based Stains

Cost Considerations for Stained Concrete Services

For those interested in the aesthetic and functional benefits of stained concrete, it is important to take cost into consideration. The process of obtaining and installing stained concrete services is not necessarily expensive upfront but there are several additional factors that must be considered over the lifetime of a stained concrete installation.

  • Understand Labor Costs
  • Assess the Cost of Materials Involved
  • Check Appropriate Rules and Regulations
  • Evaluate Maintenance Requirements After Installation

Choosing a Stained Concrete Service Provider

Stained concrete can add a unique and beautiful look to any interior or exterior space. Choosing the right stained concrete service provider is an essential part of the process, as it will ensure your project is completed properly and with quality materials.

Here are some tips on how to choose a stained concrete service provider:

  • Research Service Providers
  • Get Detailed Quotes
  • Check Portfolios or See Examples
  • Verify Insurance
  • Negotiate Price

Maintenance and Care of Stained Concrete Surfaces

Maintenance and proper care of stained concrete surfaces are essential in ensuring the long-term beauty of a surface. There are a few simple steps that can be taken to maintain the beauty of a stained concrete surface.

  1. First, it is important to keep the surface free of dirt and debris by sweeping or vacuuming regularly.
  2. Second, cleaning with an appropriate detergent or cleaner will help ensure that no grime accumulates on the stained surface.
  3. Finally, applying a sealant designed specifically for concrete surfaces can protect against damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) light and water damage.

Taking these easy steps can help prolong the life and beauty of your stained concrete surface.

Other Floor Coating Services We Provide

At our company, we provide a full suite of floor coating services to ensure that our customers’ floors are properly and professionally coated. Our other services include concrete repair and resurfacing, monolithic epoxy flooring systems installation, industrial slip-resistant coatings application, textile bond coatings application, as well as sealers and waxes for all types of flooring finishes.

We also offer staining services and deck restoration options to breathe life into any existing structure. With our extensive knowledge and skills in providing specialized floor coating services, you can always count on us for quality workmanship at competitive rates.

Epoxy flooring

Epoxy flooring is a great alternative to traditional flooring materials, offering durability, low maintenance, and a high gloss finish for any area. It’s especially suited for areas like basements, garages, and workshop floors that require extra protection from wear and tear.

In addition to being sturdy, epoxy flooring also comes in a variety of colors and styles that can add character to an otherwise plain surface. With its cost-effectiveness over tiles or concrete, it makes epoxy flooring an ideal choice for any area looking to upgrade the look of their floors.

Flake flooring

Flake flooring, also known as epoxy flake floors, is an increasingly popular type of decorative concrete flooring. They use colored epoxy flakes to create patterns or “floor art” on concrete or other substrates. Flake floors come in an array of colors, shapes, textures, and sizes, creating a unique and custom look for any space.

The epoxy used typically has high chemical resistance to oil and grease spills and is durable enough for many years of service life. Epoxy flake floors offer the low cost and easy installation of conventional top coatings like paint but the durability of specialized commercial-grade products. This makes them ideal for areas with heavy foot traffic or in higher-end establishments that want more intricate designs.

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