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Residential Siding Installation in New Orleans

Residential Siding Installation Service Contractor New Orleans: Your Key to a Beautifully Designed and Energy-Efficient Vinyl Siding in New Orleans

Siding Installation for HomeSiding for residential and commercial structures adds additional protection to the house or commercial building. Sidings can prevent water and a lot of elements from entering your home or buildings which can cause some issues when not addressed on time. Getting good siding materials and siding contractors can protect your investment by making it more durable and long-lasting, if you are looking for siding contractors in New Orleans, we at Big Easy Contractors can offer you good siding for your residential or commercial buildings.

Commonly Used Siding in New Orleans

Concrete Fiberboard

This type of siding is a mixture of cellulose fiber, cement, and sand which makes it more sturdy and durable. The pros of concrete fiberboard are, it won’t rot and does not require frequent repainting plus it is fireproof, performs well during a natural disaster, and is insect-resistant. It is also available in a plank format.


Vinyl is one of the most popular materials used for siding since they are known to last long because of its components which consist of: the strip and trim, the starter strip where the attachment is first made is usually made of aluminum or steel; for its trim, it has an outer and inner part, the part is used to cap the outside corner of the siding. The backboard is the part that is nailed on the exterior part of the walls. This part of the vinyl siding provides a surface for the attachment of the siding and gets fastened with the trim. The furring strip is mostly made of wood and is placed on the exterior part of the house surface where the siding will be installed. Lastly, the J channel that gives a good appearance to the end cuts.

With all the components that vinyl siding have they sure can withstand whatever weather conditions and protect your home from any elements as well. Installed vinyl siding can be reliable, especially when done by vinyl siding experts.


Residential Wood Siding Installation in New OrleansWood sidings can give the best aesthetic looks since it is natural and durable as well. Wood sidings can easily be painted with any color which makes it easier to match the present exterior design and color of the house or building. Despite the fact that the maintenance for wood siding is high, most homeowners still choose them for their siding.

We at Big Easy Contractors can cover your need for your wood siding and we can provide the best wood for it. Also, we make sure to offer the best to our clients.

Cost Concerns by Siding Contractors New Orleans

The cost may vary according to the materials that will be used for your house or commercial building. Factors that may affect the cost include the type of materials to be used, the total area to be covered, the labor that needs to be put into the work, and the period to finish the project.

For the cost of your siding don’t hesitate to contact us at Big Easy Contractors so we can give you a quotation or set an appointment so we can do inspections of vinyl siding or recommend other siding materials that are ideal to be used for your house.

Questions To Ask Your Contractor When Making A Decision About What Type Of Siding To Install

How long do I want it to last?

Each material has a lifespan so better know how long would you want your siding to last before you decide on materials to use. Always check on the pros and cons of each material since many factors can affect the longevity of your sidings. You can consider insulated vinyl siding as it makes your house warmer and at the same time good quality.

What kind of pattern or “look” do you want?

Patterns should match the appearance of your house exterior so you can still maintain your theme despite having new siding. Most siding materials can be customized according to your liking and we can recommend you ones that can be aesthetically good and yet durable too.

Do you need to remove the old siding?

Ask installers if the old siding needs to be removed so you can have an idea of what needs to be done and expected once your contractor starts their work. Siding repair or replacement should be specified so you will know what you paid for.

Overall Budget

Know your budget by contacting us for a quotation so you can be prepared and start your siding project without delays. Knowing the cause of our services will make it easier for you to decide and know the overall cost if your siding is installed.

New Orleans Siding Installation Service

Fix damaged vinyl siding

If you have damaged vinyl siding then we can fix it for you, we also fix other types of siding. We repair and also install.

Find vinyl siding that fits your need

We install vinyl siding that can match your present house exterior, if you want to find vinyl siding that is perfect for your home then contact us.

Offer efficient vinyl siding

We don’t only offer efficient vinyl siding but other siding materials types that are ideal for your house or commercial building.

Contact the right siding contractors by choosing us

Big Easy Contractors can offer all the services you need for your home siding. We also offer other residential services. Contact us and we can talk more about how to achieve your goal of repairing or replacing your siding. It doesn’t matter if it’s vinyl or wood since we have skilled contractors and workers who can give you the service you are looking for.

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