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Hail Damage on Commercial Roofing

Commercial Hail Damage Roof Service Contractor New Orleans: Quality Roof Repair Services For Commercial Roofing

When your roof needs repairs, it deserves the best professional roofing expert who can do the job effectively and safely.  We are the best roofing contractors in New Orleans with skilled craftsmen who can repair your hail-damaged commercial roof.

With excellent workmanship and creativity, your damaged roof will be back in shape.  Your commercial building will get the protection it needs from a fully functional and aesthetic roof.

Big Easy Contractors take pride in the commercial roof services that we offer.  We have repaired commercial roofs that have been damaged by the hurricane Ida storm.  Our specialist architects’ roofing solutions work with any type of commercial roofing system and materials.


Our expert team of roofers and roofing contractors is trained to handle commercial roofing emergency storm damage issues, whether it is metal roof damage or whatever roof material your commercial roof is made of.

We understand how important it is that your business continues to run.  A roof storm damage on a commercial roof can cause many other issues, especially when the storm damage roof problem affects the day-to-day operations.

We are specialists in quality commercial roof repairs and restoration.  Our crew repairs all types of roof storm damage with minimal disturbance.  We can make ways to do repairs while you go on with your business.

How Hail Affects your Commercial Roofing System

Hail effect on roofWe have been New Orleans trusted roofing company over the years.  We take storm damage repair on commercial roofs seriously.  Any type of roof damage repair, especially those caused by hail, is a great weight off the shoulders of commercial property owners.

We don’t wait to take action when you need a roof damage repair on your commercial roofing system.  Hail can do extensive damage to all areas of your commercial roof and you will need a professional contractor and roofing experts for the construction. and repair the damage.

Our experience in doing a commercial roof repair for a commercial roof has resulted in being able to identify the major damages that hail can do to your commercial roof.  Hail damage roof issues can:

  1. Cause dings in asphalt shingles
  2. Crack wood shake shingles
  3. Expose fiberglass matting
  4. Puncture the roof surface

The extent of damage that hail can do to your commercial roof will greatly depend on the size of the hail, the age of your roof, and pre-existing roof issues.  Our expert roof contractor will assess your commercial roof for hail damage and roof repair needs.  With extensive damage roof repair, a roof replacement may be the best option.

Roof Storm Damage Signs

Marked Hail Damage on Commercial RoofingA hail storm can cause serious damage to any commercial roof.  Roofing systems often suffer from a storm that lasts over 10 minutes.  Even new construction commercial roofing can be damaged by a hail storm.

Our services include thorough assessment and repair for any type of storm damage on a commercial roofing system.  We know how to precisely detect and identify storm damage signs that mean the roofing system and your commercial building’s property has been compromised.

Common signs of roof storm damage include water leaking into your commercial building.  Other signs of storm damage may be subtle.  Our experience tells us that the signs that signify your commercial roofing system has been damaged by a storm are:

1.  Bubbles

As commercial roofing experts, we can identify bubbles or blisters on a commercial roofing system caused by hail damage.  They are most prominent between the single-ply membrane and the roof insulation.

Since bubbles can be caused by moisture entering your roofing system, we use the right equipment to resolve them. We deal with this damage by opening the bubble to vent the air or remove the water and then resurface the roofing material with similar material.

2.  Ponding

A commercial roofing system can have sustained the presence of water, especially if it is a flat roofing system.  Ponding can be caused by the impact of hail.  A serious hail storm can cause several of these depressions and can even affect the compacted insulation beneath the top surface of the roofing system.

Our roofing services include dealing with ponding issues on a commercial roof caused by a hail storm.  We prevent further issues like pond expansion where vegetation can grow and cause damage to the integrity and aesthetics of your roof.

3.  Water Leaks

Right after a storm, you may notice leaking from your roof into the internal space of your commercial building.  Some leaks can be very difficult to trace.  Others appear after many days after it makes their way through the many layers of your roof into the interior spaces.  We use specialist tools to detect leaks on commercial roofing and deal with them immediately to preserve and protect your building and your employees.

4.  HVAC Damage

Hail can drop with a force that it can damage the HVAC exterior units.  Signs of damage can be dents.  This is a warning that there is most likely damage on your roof as well.

5.  Mold Growth

When you notice model growth on your commercial roof, it can be a sign that there has been damage on your roof after a hail storm.  It is important to get the molds removed because they can cause respiratory distress.

Call us when you notice the above signs of commercial roof damage after a hail storm.  An immediate repair can save you from more costly repairs and roof replacement.

What Does Hail Damage Look Like On a Roof?

Damaged roof caused by hailHail can be in different shapes and sizes and it can cause varying damages to a commercial roofing system.  Damages caused by hail can be in different forms:

  • Flashing damage (loose or missing parts, shifting and twisting)
  • Pooling water where rainwater does not drain properly
  • Failing drainage system that can cause water spots on the ceiling or down the walls, cracks along the foundation, or active leaks dripping inside the building
  • Holes that can cause stress on the roof membrane
  • Rips on the EPDM rubber that serves as a roof’s protective membrane

When you need repairs on your commercial roof, we will perform an early inspection for damages so that the repairs will be done immediately.  It is a more practical solution than roof replacement unless a replacement is the best option.

Emergencies require proven expertise with quality emergency storm damage services

After your commercial roof experiences high winds or a bad storm, it can have damages that need emergency roof repair services.  Do not hesitate to call us after a hail storm.  No job is too big or too small for us.  Even the smallest repair should be dealt with properly to mitigate further damage. Big Easy Contractors are your expert and friendly roofing experts in New Orleans who can keep your roof functioning and looking its best. We also offer other commercial roofing services.

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