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Customize Walkways for Your New Orleans Home

Walkways servicesThe walkway is one of the most important parts of your New Orleans home, as it connects all rooms in your house. It also helps you get from one room to another without having to go outside or use the stairs. A good walkway will make your life easier and more comfortable.

A walkway can be made out of wood, concrete, brick, stone, tile, etc. The type of material used depends on the budget that you have available. If you are building a new home, then you should consider using concrete because it is durable and easy to maintain. However, if you want something that looks nice but is not too expensive, then you can choose wooden materials.

At Big Easy Contractors, we offer custom-made walkways at affordable prices. We can build them with any design and style that you like. Our walkways are made from high-quality materials such as cedar, redwood, bamboo, and other types of wood. They come in different sizes and shapes so they fit perfectly into your home.

We can install our walkways in your backyard, patio, porch, driveway, pool area, garden, etc. You can even add some decorative features to your walkway such as lighting fixtures, benches, planters, etc. So, if you are interested, call us today!

Benefits of Building a Walkway

Building a walkway is beneficial for many reasons. Here are just a few of them:

For Appeal

Having an attractive walkway can make your property more welcoming. So selecting a good material will be great to add aesthetic to your property. Appealing always adds value to your home.

For Convenience

Having a walkway can make the pathway easier to follow toward your doorstep. Visitors can easily tell where to enter, especially if you have a spacious property.

For Less Pavement Stress

Walkways can come in many colors, shapes, and sizes; therefore you choose anything that can match your home exterior or building exterior. Having an ambiance that matches everything in your property can be more appealing.

For Safety

Having a pathway is like having a guide on where to walk as some places have hazard zones. Even homes should have a walkway to know the boundaries of where visitors are allowed to pass or not.

Walkway Installation and Design

Setting up the Area

Concrete paver walks should be installed, so they’re straight and level. Use strings or stakes to mark out the path. Remove any debris before laying down the pavers. Paving stones allow for quick installation: nubs on each side help keep the pavers aligned evenly.

Preparing the base

  • The base is formed with crushed limestone and raked.
  • Using a plate compactor, lay down an inch of crushed stone and smooth it out.
  • Pour about 1″ of sand onto the crushed stone and spread it evenly across the entire area. Make sure the surface is flat.
  • Use pavers to pave the area. Click the pavers together so they fit tightly. Use your fingers to push the pavers into place.
  • There will need to be some modifications to the brickwork at the end of the pathway. If necessary, use the rubber mallet to gently knock the bricks into place.
  • Apply a thin layer of polymer sand to the walkway and sweep it into the joints with a brush. Mist the sand with water to activate it.
  • Move the sand between the joints with the plate compactor.
  • The sand inside the joints will adhere to the pavers when wet.

Attaching the Edging

The best way to install them is to lay down some plastic edging first then place the brick on top of it. This will ensure that the bricks stay in place. If you don’t want to use plastic edging, you can always use concrete blocks instead.

Importance of Proper Building of Walkways

The importance of the proper building of walkways cannot be underestimated. Here are some of the benefits of properly installed walkways:

It’s Easy To Maintain

As mentioned earlier, walkways are easy to maintain. You only need to sweep off the sand once every year. The rest of the time, you can simply mop the floor.

It’s Safe

A well-built walkway is safe. They provide a barrier between pedestrians and vehicles. In addition, they prevent people from falling over.

They Are Cost-Effective

They are cost-effective because you do not need to spend money on repairing the damage caused by accidents.

As we all know, walking is one of the best ways to stay healthy. It helps us to keep our body fit and active. If you want to enjoy this activity, then you must take care of your feet. One of the most common problems faced by people who walk is the problem of foot injuries. This problem can be caused due to improper construction of walkways.

So if you want to avoid any kind of injury related to your feet, then you must build your walkway properly.

Walkway Installation Cost

The cost of walkway installation varies depending on where it will be installed. If you want to install one at home, you may find that it costs around $1,000. This includes materials like concrete, wood, and steel. Installing a walkway outside your house could cost thousands of dollars if you want to build a new pathway from scratch.

Exploring Walkway Options

WalkwaysThe best way to explore walkways is to visit them in person. If you don’t live near one, ask around at local businesses or check online reviews. Look for features like handrails, lighting, and signs indicating whether it’s safe to cross. Seeing the materials before finally deciding is essential in picking the right material to use in your walkways. Also, weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each material.

Why Choose Us for Your Walkway Project?

At Big Easy Contractors, our team of service professionals has years of experience working with walkways and patios. We know what it takes to install them properly, so they last. We offer free estimates and will provide references from our previous projects if needed.

Our work is guaranteed, and we are fully insured. We also offer other landscaping services. Contact us today to get started!

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