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Commercial Elastomeric Coatings Service Contractor New Orleans, LA

 Spraying-Elastomeric-Coating-on-Commercial-RoofWhy get a new roof for your commercial building In New Orleans if you can restore it? We, Big Easy Contractors and our team of roofers can do the restoration for you by using our elastomeric coatings and be done by our experienced contractors. Make your business bloom by having your roof get the coatings it needs to become more durable and presentable. Exterior building services, maintenance restoration services, cleaning maintenance restoration, restoration services building, frame restoration services, building restoration maintenance and of course, elastomeric coating services are the services offered by Big Easy Contractors.

What is Elastomeric Roof Coating and How Does It Work?

Elastomeric coatings are roof or wall coating that is approximately 10x thicker than paint. They are applied as a liquid coating then hardens after application and form elastic, waterproof, and bonds as a reliable coating for roofs and walls. Elastomeric coatings can be tinted in different colors and these shades can last for a long time.

Advantages of Commercial Elastomeric Coatings  in New Orleans

Sealing and Preventing Leaks

This coating is good in sealing and preventing leaks by its waterproof features once it hardens that’s why they are perfect as roofing materials. Using such coatings can create a barrier for preventing moisture to enter your roofing materials. They are also weatherproof and can withstand any strong wind or rain.


The nature of this coating can make it flexible enough to protect any roofing materials. It can also adjust and stretch in given conditions such as during hot climates or cold climates. The coating has the ability to move with the roof under any condition, therefore, giving more protection to the roof.

Increased Protection From the Elements

The roof is exposed to many elements and this can affect its durability, by having a roof coating made of elastomeric, you can depend on it to protect your roof from any elements that land on your roof.


Having a roof coating made of elastomeric can give you the new look of a new roof even if you only had a roof repair. Due to its amazing features which include having the durability of metal, the strength of metal, and being 10x thicker than paint then you expect to have high-quality roofing.

Easy Application

Application is easy if done by experts who know the characteristic of an elastomeric coating. We at Big Easy Contractors can do the application for you to get an excellent result. The application of the coatings made of elastomeric is easier compared with other roofing materials such as metal, steel, or roof coatings.

Types of Elastomeric Coatings in New Orleans


This form of elastomeric coating has durability since it has a high amount of solids making them perfect for extreme UV climates. Most acrylic elastomeric coating has potent biocides that are helpful in avoiding mold growth and mild dew. These two issues when not controlled can give further damage to your roof. So choosing a roof coating that can prevent mold growth and mild dew formation is a big factor for the roof.


Roof coating

This form of elastomeric coating is derived from isobutylene which is then refined to butyl rubber than can be turned into the elastomeric coating. This coating material is characterized by being impermeable to air, boasting excellent flexibility, and can even withstand ponding on low-slope roofs.


This form of elastomeric coating has the ability to blend in with the expansion and contraction of the roof under different temperature changes. However, this type of coating should only be done by contractors. The polyurethane remains tough during pounding supporting its durability features.


This form of elastomeric coating has 90% solid, UV resistant, and can withstand pounding. These characteristics of an elastomeric coating make it ideal for your roof or flexible to any roofing materials. Silicone coatings can last longer since it has a slower rate than other elastomeric coating therefore their tendency to erode is slower too.

Why Choose Us for Your Elastomeric Roof Coating Needs?

Reliable Contractors

Big Easy Contractors are skilled and trained enough to get the project done. They apply all their knowledge when necessary to give satisfactory results on their project. The company makes sure that its business is afloat by making sure its contractors have the right skills and knowledge needed for the job.

Excellent Service

Giving excellent service is one of the targets of the Big Easy Contractors‘ goals. Since they handle both commercial and residential roofing jobs, they make sure to meet the client’s demands. They are flexible when it comes to catering to different kinds of clients.

Variety of Coatings are Available

Big Easy Contractors offer a wide variety of roof coating and one of their best offers is roof coating made from an elastomeric material which has a lot of advantages. Dealing with contractors who have more services is better since they have more options and you don’t have to jump to different roofing companies anymore.

Gives Accurate Quote

elastomeric-coating-for-roofBig Easy Contractors quote elastomeric coating accurately, as a client you can depend on their quotation. You can decide easily if you have your roofing done and if it fits your budget. Getting an accurate quotation is essential so you can be prepared as roof coating made from elastomeric material comes with a price.

Be wise when it comes to the restoration of your roof, pick the best contractors and roofing materials as well. In that way, you can get the most durable and reliable roof results. Your roof protects your commercial buildings therefore investing in them is essential. You may have to pay a huge upfront cost but you can rely on its durability and longevity preventing you from having too much roof repair. The amount you can save is greater compared to you settle for something cheap and having your roof get repaired frequently. So pick us for your elastomeric coating needs and see the difference and also the advantages it can give your building as well as improvement in your roofing. So if you are ready, contact us now!

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