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Commercial Modern Pergola in New Orleans
Commercial Pergolas in New Orleans

Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Business With a Pergola From Big Easy Contractors

Commercial pergolas are a slight upgrade to your business with huge impacts. They can provide an outdoor oasis for employees, enhance customer experience inside restaurants and boost morale among staff members by providing them shade during their shift period or when it is hot outside!

When you need a break from the hustle and bustles of your office, head outside for some fresh air. A commercial pergola is an ideal workspace station that provides greenery with natural light while also serving as decoration in this historic cityscape.

Commercial Pergola Provides Much More Inviting Outdoors in Your Business

Pergolas are a great addition to any outdoor area because they not only provide shade but also give plants the opportunity for growth.

Whether you want an intimate gathering on your patio or just some extra cover during those hot summer days – the pergola will do what needs doing!

You can be creative with your commercial property by using our versatile pergolas.

You’ll have the space you need for any business establishment or outdoor event in mind, without sacrificing curb appeal!

Traditional Style

If you’re looking for an outdoor addition that’s both classic and practical, consider a pergola! The evenly spaced beams on top of freestanding columns provide shade while the vines trained across them create a lovely texture.

Commercial Curved Pergola in New Orleans

Curved Roof

A beautifully curved pergola is an ideal solution for your outdoor space. Made of mesh or wire, it can be customized with plants growing across its top to create an impressive look that’s both natural and functional!


The perfect commercial pergola! Our team can give you the design that matches your business needs and budget. We offer both cloth shades or vines, depending on what will best complement our sculptural designs for a custom-made solution.


A commercial pergola is a popular choice for businesses that need to be in style. This lean, post, and beam structure provides comfort with an additional ultraviolet roof screen as well as fan amenities such as benches or tables!

This may also make the perfect addition to your business if you desire to provide customer’s their needs while staying on-trend by using our custom designs today.


Commercial Pergola in New OrleansWe can design and build you a gorgeous pergola over your building’s entryway that will both act as an attractive shade structure and also serve to accentuate its architectural features. Vine plants are our favorite way of adding this extra flair.

Adjustable and Retractable

The pergola is a great way to provide shade and warmth, while also giving your business establishment the natural light it needs. With automatic shading from below during summer months, you can enjoy up-turned faces in an otherwise hot environment.

Cantilevered or Attached

If you want to spruce up your patio or add more seating and shade for guests, then this is the perfect solution. These pergolas are made of lightweight materials, making them easy-to to move around on any surface without damaging it too much.

Have Your New Pergola Installed by Big Easy Contractors

With our professional team from Big Easy Contractors, you can be assured of finding the best styles and durability that will suit your business profile or commercial establishment.

We also offer budget-friendly options for all types of projects: outdoor spaces like decks and patios; indoor areas needing shade tents with room dividers such as trade show floors where attendees need somewhere private to change clothes during lunch breaks from attending other events around town!

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