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Concrete paving continues to be one of the most in-demand projects during construction. With more concrete pavements being installed across Louisiana, there’s no better time than now for you find an experienced contractor who can help bring your vision into reality!

Whether it is a driveway or busy street downtown – we’ve got what everyone needs when looking at these services offered by our industry professionals.

Difference Between Concrete and Asphalt Paving


There are a lot of factors that go into deciding between asphalt and concrete. The composition making up these materials makes the first difference in terms of what kind you want for your project, but also think about things like cost and durability with construction methods.

Asphalt is one of the most popular road surfaces in North America. It’s a hot mix made up primarily from sand, gravel, and stones that are aggregates mixed with liquid asphalt which holds it together to form an easy-to-drive surface for vehicles!


Concrete is one of the most common man-made materials used all around the world. If you need a project completed quickly and professionally, concrete might be for your needs.

Cement is like the glue that holds your concrete together. It’s made from limestone and clay, which are mixed in a kiln using air or water to make them dry out properly before they’re rubbed into each other until it becomes hard enough for use as construction material.

Concrete is the world’s strongest and most durable building material. It has a mix of aggregates like sand, rocks, air, water, and cement that makes it so good for construction.

Durability of Concrete & Asphalt

The durability of concrete paving means that it will last for 20-40 years, while asphalt can go up to 25 with annual maintenance. However, if you have a lot more traffic on your street each year then there’s no way anyone would choose this material.

Two Main Types of Paving Services

There are two main types of pavements that can be categorized based on their structure. One type is called flexible pavement, which looks similar to a sheet, and it’s not very durable; whereas rigid ones have much more sturdiness as compared with the former one because they’re flat unlike sheets where things could sag in your hands constantly if you tried pinching them between fingers tightly enough for any length time frame – this makes me think there must’ve been some really unhappy people before asphalt came along!

Flexible Pavements

Flexible pavements can be made from a variety of materials and still maintain their flexibility. The top layer, where there’s most activity will have to withstand the force while not breaking or tearing down one side; this means that it must be strong enough for whatever life throws your way!

At ground level you’ll find less quality material used because they’re at eye-level with drivers, so any impact would affect everyone driving over them.

Different types of flexible pavements:

  • Conventional flexible pavements
  • Full-depth asphalt pavements
  • Contained rock asphalt mats

Rigid Pavements

The rigid pavement is an excellent solution for a variety of roadways. It can be used in place of traditional crushed stone, asphalt or concrete and requires less maintenance than those methods because it does not crack from freezing weather conditions like other types do.

Different types of rigid pavements:

  • Jointed plate concrete pavement
  • Jointed reinforced concrete pavement
  • Continuous reinforced concrete pavement

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