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Metal Roofing in New Orleans

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Big Easy Contractors metal roofs have been a popular choice for New Orleans homeowners and businesses alike because they offer both durable and long-lasting benefits that are functional.

Metal is known to be one of the most durable types out there; it lasts far longer than any other material on today’s market!

Metal roofs are the new, hip way for home and business owners in New Orleans. These durable options come with an extra touch of style as well!

Metal roofs offer a variety of colorways, durability, and design features that have made them the go-to option for home and business owners. Metals are tough enough to last through even harsh weather without fear!

Not only does this type come highly recommended by professionals for New Orleans roofs, but it is also the most budget-friendly and frequent choice of New Orleans homeowners and business owners alike!

For homeowners that want a sturdy solution to protect their home from mother nature, metal roofing is unmatched in terms of durability.

Advantages of Metal Roofing in New Orleans

Metal Roofs Are Tough

Metal roofing stands up to the severe hail that sometimes accompanies storms in this area. Not to mention fallen tree branches!

The impact of these natural disasters can easily damage many types of shingle or tile materials. But it takes much more than just a little debris for metal roofs to wear down over time.

No Chewing

If you want to keep pests out of your property, a metal roof may be for you. Roofing material is easily chewed and scratched by animals. New Orleans homeowners who’ve had problems with raccoons and squirrels chewing through shingles know the damage that can be done.


Metal roofs are typically well-insulated to reduce heat transfer. Metals can help preserve the temperature inside your house or business while also reducing energy usage from cooling systems.

The surface of metal reflects sunlight and absorbs solar radiation. It means it helps protect against thermal transference as well.

Metal Roofs Fits Any Architectural Style

New Orleans Metal RoofingA metal roof fits any architectural style. Whether it is a country farmhouse or a contemporary home, metal will always complement your property beautifully.

From its very beginning, the use of metal roofs has been a matter of survival. They can protect your wooden structures from fire and insects as well as extreme climates.

Expert Metal Roofing Contractor in New Orleans

Finding a reliable, skilled New Orleans metal roofing contractor is not easy. Big Easy Contractors has been putting customers’ worries at ease by offering top-notch workmanship and dedication to quality.

We specialize in installing this type of durable material on homes and businesses throughout New Orleans. You can feel confident about your decision when the time comes for a new shingle replacement or just routine maintenance like cleaning & inspection.

Call us today for a free estimate and let us handle all your roofing project needs!

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