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Best Landscape Designer in New Orleans | Big Easy Contractors

Big Easy Contractors: The Expert You Can Count On for Your Next Landscaping Project| Design & Maintenance Service Provider in New Orleans

Design and maintenance service provider in New Orleans, Louisiana. We are a full-service company that provides design, installation, landscaping, irrigation, drainage, septic tank services, and more.

Our team is dedicated to providing the best customer experience possible! Proper landscaping can give beauty to your yard, so choose the right materials and contact the right contractors. Don’t hesitate to call us at Big Easy Contractors!

Local Landscaping

Landscaping Design

Hiring local contractors to do your landscape can be ideal since they know the restrictions in the area and their reputation can be checked online. If you want to save money on your project, it’s always better to hire someone who knows what they’re doing because they will charge less than if they were not experienced. You might be investing more in skilled landscape contractors, but the result is guaranteed as they are indeed familiar with the area, they can recommend the right landscape materials, and they have done several projects in nearby neighborhoods.

Services We Provide

1. Lawn Care Services

Maintenance means taking care of the grounds around your house. It includes tasks such as shifting twigs, stray leaves, and branches. It also includes removing debris, trimming the grass, weeding and pruning the ground cover, and eliminating weeds. Maintenance service is essential, and it is most sought after by homeowners. Always better to hire someone who knows what they are doing because they will charge lower than if they were not knowledgeable.

2. Spring or Fall Maintenance

This step is also known as lawn edging. It is an extensive cleaning process of the yard. Lawn mowing, grass cutting, and weed removal are a few lawn edging services. No person wants to see all the messy piles of spring and fall on the ground.

Hence, such thorough cleaning processes are required by clients at least once a year, providing you with a great opportunity to work and make money.

3. Pruning

Simply means cutting off dead and decaying leaves from the plants. Pruning or trimming is a major service that should be done during the right season depending on the kind of plant. So we recommend you avail yourself of our services as we know when is the perfect time to do the pruning.

4. Hedging

Trimming plants into geometric shapes. This gives an attractive appearance to the property of the landowner. You should develop good skills in hedging as an expert landscaper, and you must also possess a highly effective set of landscaping equipment for the same. We at Big Easy Contractors have both the equipment and skills needed to trim your plants properly.

Modernize Your Outdoor Space Today

Don’t be behind the trend: have your landscape updated to make your property more attractive. Hire us, and we will make your dream landscape into reality. We offer a lot of landscape kinds, and you can choose the best that suits your yard. Create an area where you can have ample space to celebrate events and welcome your visitors by impressing them with your landscape.

Why You Need a Landscape Designer

Landscaping is one of those things that people often overlook until they need it. However, there are many benefits to having a well-designed landscape. A beautiful landscape can add value to your home and increase its resale value. It can also improve curb appeal and attract potential buyers. In addition, a well-maintained landscape can reduce maintenance costs and help keep your property looking fresh and clean.

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Landscape Designer

What services can you offer?

Asking this question can give you the idea that it can be the one you are looking for. Since not all landscape contractors offer all the services you might be needing for your landscape. So you better ask this question upfront, so you know if you are a good match.

Do you have proof of your work?

Most landscape contractors will be willing to show their past works since this is the best portfolio since it is actual and their clients can be able to have an idea of what their landscape would look like once they hire the contractors. We at Big Easy Contractors can show you the landscapes we made in the area as proof of our work.

Do you provide gardening advice?

Some landscapers will offer one- to 2-hour garden consultations. During this meeting, they’ll visit your home, stroll through the yard together, discuss your goals, and then start to brainstorm ways to achieve them. They may also bring along samples of plants and materials so you can see how they work together.

What is the average cost of a landscaping project?

The average price of a landscaping project depends on several factors, including the size of the project, the type of soil, and the amount of labor involved. Some projects take less than a day, while others require weeks or months. Costs vary widely, but most estimates fall between $1,000 and $10,000.

Benefits of Landscaping

There are many reasons why you should consider landscaping your property. Here are some of the benefits of landscaping your property.

Increase Property Value

If you want to sell your house quickly, you should invest in landscaping. If you do, you’ll likely get more money when you put your home up for sale. That’s because prospective buyers will notice the improvements you’ve made to your property.

Improve Curb Appeal

A well-landscaped lawn makes your home look more appealing. This means that it will draw more attention from potential buyers. When you walk around your neighborhood, you’re sure to notice homes that have been recently remodeled. These homes usually have nice yards.

Reduce Maintenance Costs

If you don’t maintain your lawn properly, you could spend hundreds of dollars each year on mowing, fertilizing, and watering. By investing in landscaping, you can save thousands of dollars over time.

Create a Beautiful Yard

When you create a beautiful yard, you’ll feel happier spending time outside. Plus, you’ll enjoy watching your kids play in the grass.

What Set Us Apart

We specialize in residential landscapes, so we understand how important it is to maintain a healthy, lush garden. Our team has years of experience working with different types of landscapes, including tropical gardens, water features, and outdoor kitchens. We use only high-quality products and techniques to ensure that your landscape looks amazing. Contact us today for more information!

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