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Replacement of Residential Roofing in New Orleans

Residential Roofing Replacement Service Contractors in New Orleans by Big Easy Contractors

Replacing a roof is a major, complex project that should be left to the experts. Big Easy Contractors is a New Orleans-based company that provides both new replacement and repair services. Our skilled contractors are eager to assist homeowners to renovate their homes with expert roofing work. Give your home a new lease of life with a brand new roof when you contact Big Easy Contractors.

6 Signs That You Need Roof Replacement Services in New Orleans

Leaky roof

There are few things more telling that your roof is on its last legs than the appearance of leaks. Going up to the attic on a frequent basis, especially shortly after a storm, is the best way to keep an eye out for water damage.

When roof problems are ignored, they may worsen, leading to the need for more comprehensive and expensive repairs down the road. Call our residential roofing contractors for a thorough inspection.

Cracked roof

Cracked roofWind damage is a common cause of cracked shingles. In cases where just a small number of shingles are damaged, it is usually more cost-effective to simply replace those shingles. But if cracks start appearing at various locations over the roof, it’s clear that it’s time to get a new one.

We advise having your roof redone every three to five years if you see significant fractures in the shingles.

Sagging roof

The sagging of your roof is a telltale indicator that it needs to be replaced. This is a common sign of structural degradation and may be the consequence of poor bracing or too little space between support beams.

The collapse of a building may be caused by a drooping roof, which might be the consequence of years of damage from snowfall or simple wear and tear. Roofing professionals should be contacted promptly if something is happening on your roof.

Damaged flashing

Flashing is a flexible material that is laid on your roof to divert water and moisture away from vital places such as chimneys, walls, and roof valleys. Since flashing is such an integral part of your roof, you should check it often to make sure no pieces are loose, broken, or degrading.

Deteriorated roof

Residential roofing systems just don’t function properly beyond a certain age. Especially if you’ve already spent a lot of money on repairs in the past, doing so is pointless.

You may learn more about the condition of your roof and whether or not it needs to be replaced by scheduling an inspection. After a given length of time, repairs no longer function properly. A brand-new roof is an investment that will pay dividends for years to come.

Corroded roof

When corrosion occurs, it typically means that water is congregating around the fasteners and other metal components. Corrosion is something to be aware of if you see it around metal, such as in the gutters or anywhere else. Rusted fasteners and fittings should be replaced if you see paint peeling away from a corroded region, rotting wood, or any other indicators of deterioration.

Contact Big Easy Contractors to schedule an expert residential roofing inspection.

5 Common Residential Roofing Types in New Orleans

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt Shingles RoofWhen it comes to residential New Orleans area roofing, asphalt shingle roofing is still king. They are less expensive than the alternatives, easily accessible, and available in a broad range of aesthetic options.

It has been shown that asphalt shingles may be used to build a strong and long-lasting roof at a far lesser cost than other roofing options.

Cedar roof

A cedar roof is an attractive feature of many New Orleans home styles. Homeowners like it due to its aesthetic qualities.

Metal roof

Metal roofing is rapidly gaining popularity. They need nothing in the way of maintenance beyond the occasional coat of paint to maintain their shiny appearance. More and more New Orleans homeowners are opting for this type since it is eco-friendly and can be painted whatever color they choose.

Ceramic roof

Ceramic roof tiles are typically long-lasting and may add a lot of visual appeal to a building. The tiles are fireproof and won’t fade over time. If you invest in high-quality tiles, they should last for many decades. Ceramic roofing New Orleans are typical of the Spanish Revival style of popular architecture.

Slate roof shingles

Slate is a great option for a high-end home’s roof because of its durability, beauty, and longevity. The benefits include a more natural look, resilience to fire and decay, simplicity of care, durability, and longevity. You may color the whole roof one color, or you can use many complementary colors.

Big Easy Contractor’s Roof Replacement Process

1. Primary roof inspection

In the first step, we check the roof for signs of wear and tear and old age. In this phase of re-roofing your house, we examine its current state, the roof’s signs of wear and tear, its age, its layout, and the resources needed for the project.

2. Delivery of roofing materials

Before a roof replacement, we must first arrange for the delivery of all necessary roofing supplies. Our team of roofers will often arrange for delivery the day before or on the morning of the roof replacement.

3. Get the roof decking ready

The roof deck must then be thoroughly ready for the installation of new shingles. An additional layer of protection against moisture may be achieved by removing old nails, fixing any rotten plywood or rafters, and laying down a quality felt underlayment.

This is a crucial step that should not be skipped, and fixing the roof decking while you have access to the area is a great use of your time.

4. Strip all existing shingles and dispose them properly

Additionally, damaged or outdated valley flashing and drip edging are eliminated. Our staff will utilize tarps to protect foundation plants and shrubs throughout the removal process and will use magnetic instruments to collect nails and metal items from the grass.

5. Roofing shingles are replaced

The primary roofing shingles may now be installed, beginning at the eaves and overlapping upwards toward the roof’s peaks. Proper nail coverage and staggered tab placement are essential. Shingles are adhered to one another using an adhesive that is both sticky and effective.

6. Perform simple roof repairs as needed

If not needed, replace deteriorating wood with new plywood or sheathing boards. Whatever is appropriate for your roof type.

7. Clean up debris

We are prepared to start cleaning up after putting on your new roof. To finish off the cleanup, we’ll use tarps, a container, and a rolling magnet to collect any loose nails from the yard. Your newly installed roof deserves a yard that is just as neat and tidy.

Contact Big Easy Contractors Today For Roof Replacement Service

To guarantee that your new roof is installed properly, we are committed to using only the highest quality materials and giving the highest quality service. We are experts in all aspects of roofing work, including roof repair, replacement, installation, and maintenance services. Big Easy Contractors has the professionals New Orleans residents need, no matter what kind of roof they have or why they need to repair it. Get in touch with us to schedule a roofing inspection today!

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