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Tub to Shower Conversions New Orleans

More Space, More Safety: New Orleans Tub to Shower Conversions

Is your bathtub more hassle than haven? Big Easy Contractors can transform your bathroom with a sleek, modern shower conversion! Imagine stepping into a spacious walk-in oasis, perfect for a refreshing start to your day. Say goodbye to climbing and hello to convenient showering – all designed to match your unique style.

Our expert team in New Orleans handles everything, from the initial consultation to the final sparkling tile. We’ll create a shower that complements your existing décor and elevates your bathroom’s functionality. Upgrade from an outdated tub to a modern marvel – effortlessly!

Ready to ditch the tub and embrace shower bliss? Call Big Easy Contractors today for a free consultation! We’ll discuss your vision and create the perfect bathroom retreat for you.

Unleash the Shower Power: Upgrade Your Bathroom with a Conversion

Many homeowners in New Orleans find themselves yearning for a more modern and functional space. A tub to shower conversion can be the key to unlocking a bathroom transformation that elevates both style and practicality.

  • Effortless Accessibility: Say goodbye to climbing over high tub walls. Step into a spacious walk-in shower, perfect for all ages and mobility levels. Enjoy a safer and more accessible bathing experience for the entire family.
  • New Orleans Tub to Shower ConversionsSpace Saviour: Feeling cramped? Transforming a bulky tub into a sleek shower frees up valuable real estate. Create a more open and airy atmosphere, making even small bathrooms feel spacious. This newfound space allows for additional storage, a new vanity, or even a luxurious double showerhead!
  • Money-Saving Marvel: Showering uses significantly less water compared to bathtubs, leading to lower utility bills. Plus, showers are easier to clean and maintain, saving you time and money on upkeep.

Transform your bathroom into a haven of functionality and style. Consider a tub to shower conversion and experience the difference for yourself.

Transforming Your Bathroom: Accessibility Through Tub to Shower Conversions

For many homeowners, particularly those with aging family members or facing mobility challenges themselves, the bathroom can become a source of frustration. Traditional bathtubs, with their high walls and slippery surfaces, can present a significant barrier to safe and independent bathing. The good news is, a simple yet transformative solution exists: the tub to shower conversion.

This modification doesn’t just update the look of your bathroom; it unlocks a new level of accessibility, empowering individuals with greater independence and confidence in their daily routines. A tub to shower conversion eliminates physical barriers by replacing a cumbersome tub with a walk-in shower. This removes the need to step over high walls, significantly reducing the risk of falls and injuries for seniors and those with limited mobility.

For wheelchair users or those using other mobility aids, a curbless shower design is a game-changer. This feature allows for a smooth and effortless entry and exit, promoting independence and dignity during bathroom activities. The addition of a shower bench provides a much-needed resting spot while showering, especially for those with limited stamina. Handheld showerheads further enhance accessibility by offering adjustable water direction, catering to varying heights and abilities.

Beyond the design aspects, tub to shower conversions prioritize safety. Non-slip flooring minimizes the risk of slips and falls, while grab bars offer additional support and stability within the shower area. Lever-style handles on faucets, as opposed to knobs, ensure easy water flow control for individuals with limited hand dexterity.

While tub to shower conversions offer significant accessibility benefits, it’s important to remember they are just one piece of the puzzle. Incorporating wider doorways, strategically placed towel racks, and readily accessible toiletries can further enhance bathroom accessibility and promote independent living.

Boost Your Home’s Value with New Orleans Tub to Shower Conversions

Is your bathtub a bathtub or a barrier to selling your home? Many New Orleans homebuyers crave modern bathrooms with spacious walk-in showers. A tub to shower conversion by Big Easy Contractors isn’t just a cosmetic upgrade, it’s a strategic investment!

Here’s why:

  • Boost Your Asking Price: Modern showers are a huge selling point. This conversion removes the outdated tub, creating a more open and appealing bathroom that today’s buyers love.
  • Smart Return on Investment: The cost of a well-executed shower conversion is relatively low compared to the potential increase in your home’s value. It can make your house stand out in a competitive market, attracting more buyers and potentially leading to a quicker sale at a higher price.

Ready to unlock the hidden potential of your bathroom? Call Big Easy Contractors today for a free consultation! Let’s create a beautiful, modern shower that boosts your curb appeal and your bottom line.

Ready to Convert Your Tub to a Shower? Here’s What to Do First!

Dreaming of a modern shower oasis but stuck with a clunky bathtub? You’re not alone! Converting your tub to a shower can completely transform your bathroom, creating a more functional and stylish space. But before you grab a sledgehammer, there are some key steps to ensure a smooth and successful conversion.

Planning Makes Perfect

  1. Consultation: Talk to our experts at Big Easy Contractors! We will assess your bathroom, suggest conversion options, and discuss potential challenges and benefits. This ensures you get a shower that fits your space and needs. Don’t forget to discuss electrical work to make sure everything is up to code for a safe and smooth conversion.
  2. Tub to Shower New OrleansBudget & Timeline: Be realistic! Big Easy Contractors will help you factor in materials, labor, and any potential surprises. We’ll also create a detailed timeline to keep the project on track.
  3. Permits & Approvals: Don’t skip this step! Big Easy Contractors can guide you through the process of securing the necessary permits before construction starts. This avoids delays and ensures everything is done according to regulations.

By planning ahead with us, you can ensure a successful tub to shower conversion that transforms your bathroom and adds value to your home! We’ll handle everything from the initial consultation to the final sparkling tile, so you can relax and enjoy the beautiful new centerpiece of your bathroom.

Ready to ditch the tub and embrace shower bliss? Call Big Easy Contractors today for a free consultation!

Schedule Your Free Tub-to-Shower Consultation Today!

A tub to shower conversion isn’t just about accessibility and a modern look – it’s a smart investment that boosts your home’s value! Big Easy Contractors offers a variety of design options and customization choices to create the perfect shower for you. Add some extra features and choose the ideal materials to give your bathroom the finishing touch.

Ready to transform your bathroom and experience the many benefits of a shower conversion? Big Easy Contractors can help you navigate every step of the process, from initial consultation to final installation. We’ll ensure your new shower is not only beautiful but also functional and safe for everyone in your household.

Don’t wait to upgrade your bathroom and enjoy a daily spa-like experience! Call Big Easy Contractors today for a free consultation and to learn more about our services.

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